Privacy policy reserves the right to introduce changes in the Privacy Policy. Each person making use of the information services is obliged to comply with the existing provisions of the Privacy Policy.

Reading, browsing through or making use of information deriving from the Internet information service or subscribing for a daily newsletter “ news” (payable or free of charge), you accept the principles included in the Privacy Policy, which is available under the following address:

Nonetheless, the introduced changes do not influence the basic principle: does not sell and does not make available to third parties personal and address data of the customers / users of the services. If you do not agree with the Privacy Policy please do not subscribe for the free of charge information services of

Personal data

Whilst making use of the Internet service you may come across forms in which we ask you to provide certain personal data. These data, in the majority of cases, comprise the name of the company and its telephone and address details, name, surname and e-mail address (or mobile telephone number in the case of SMS services). Failure to specify these data will block the activity which these data concern.

Ordering a free of charge newsletter “ news”

Subscribing for a free of charge newsletter “ news” requires you to specify only your e-mail address in the appropriate box of the form. Data obtained in this manner are added to the newsletter mailing list.

Ordering a paid newsletter “ news” (full version)

This service requires you to sign “Service Provision Agreement”, which is subject to “Regulations of Providing Access Services to the System.”

Ordering a free of charge SMS information service

Subscribing for a free of charge SMS service requires you to specify the following data in the appropriate form (apart from information regarding preferences as to the scope of the service): telephone and address data of the company and contact data of the SMS receiver, including the mobile telephone number.

Data obtained in this manner are added to the appropriate e-mail / SMS mailing lists in the system.

Security does its best to protect the information provided by the users, registered in various services offered by the company, against unauthorised access and make sure that it is stored safely in our information and communication technology system.

Unsolicited messages reserves the right to send unsolicited messages to persons whose contact data were obtained through the operation conducted by the company. The above provision refers to information directly regarding Electronic Fuel Market (e.g. changes, internal promotions, information about new products, etc.), non-commercial messages (e.g. greetings, virus notifications, personal comments, etc.) and commercial information, the distribution of which was paid for by the customers.

Non-confidential Personal Data

Personal data and telephone and address data of the company provided during offer distribution (e-mail / SMS), deriving from the Electronic Fuel Stock Exchange are accessible to all subscribers of services, in which data have to be presented due to the offer-oriented character of the service. There is no possibility of providing security against private persons or companies which may use these data for sending unspecified information. Therefore, these data are not subject to Privacy Policy.

Other forms

Forms placed temporarily at the service yet regarding services and products which are not serviced by sp. z o.o. are not subject to Privacy Policy.


Some areas of may use cookies, i.e. small text files sent to an Internet user's computer and identifying him / her in a manner required for simplifying or annulling a given operation. The operation of cookies depends on their acceptance by a web browser and not deleting them from the drive.


Privacy Policy does not apply to services and companies, whose contact data are provided on the websites or information services offered by

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